One of the best Udon company, Sanuki Shisei, in Kagawa prefecture where is No.1 production volume of noodle in Japan, produces high quality udon using latest machinery with all employees harts.
People likes 'Sanuki Shisei's rehydratable noodle' which taste additive-free original wheat nationwide.

Cut Rolling Shipping Packing Dry Extend Knead


Mixing Selected wheat, fresh water, and salt. This machinery mixing powder and water fast and evenly without waste. Absolute requirement to prduce gluten which is needed for strained delicious udon, is multi-hydrolysis. It is set up hydrolysis rate for machinery of Sanuki Shisei.


Ripen kneaded dough, and generates original sweet. It is extended 1 meter width with flowing belt conveyor.

Mechanization of footing method that is familiar with hand-made sanuki udon. Rolling superimposed dough, and press in all directions of dough, then it would be strained.


Cut the dough one by one.

drying is controlled by computer

Noodle is dried in the room with sable temperature and humidity. Drying is the most imoportant process for rehydratable noodle. There are 4 rooms.The method of drying is controlled by computer, but the details of that is Sanuki Shisei's secret.After drying room, it is the first test of moisture.

autometed packing

Cutting for eaasy to eat length, then weighed by auto meter, and packing one by one. Before shipping, it is the second test of moisture.In order to check the firmness, it is boiled at last test, then packing as product.

packing by robots

Completing the packing by stacking robots, it will ship to nationwide.

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