The strength of our product is 'strong elasticity certain texture with koshi even if first bite is such like Mochi.'The reason of our original strong elasticity texture is our recipe of mechanization of footing proess that is well know at hand -made Sanuki noodle restaurant. Please try our series of Sanuki noodle .

Many people imagine deliciou strained Udon when they hard Sanuki.
Our company keeps on producing and sallin of additive-free rehydratable noodle in Kagawa in order to provide all people from small kids to old with delicious and safety noodle.For producing delicious strained Udon its close to rare Udon even if it is rehydratable noodle, we are reached current products with repeated research attentioning to traditional footing method of Sanuki Udon.We will keep researching and developing producing best noodle in order to provide all familily from Hokkaido (North part of Japan) to Okinawa(South part of Japan) delicious Sanuki Udon.Please let us know if you have any requests and/or opinion.We hope many people enjoy our products.

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